[in and out and all around.]

we took sailor with us for our 20-week ultrasound yesterday. we wanted to give her a chance to see her baby brother on the monitor and see what she thought of the whole thing. for the most part, she was awesome...quiet and attentive, with bursts of the wiggles now and then. mike did a great job of keeping her occupied during the boring parts. as she looked up at the monitor at one point, she got a very serious look on her face and said, "does he have legs?!?!" and we told her that, yes, he does have legs and we pointed them out on the screen. when she was satisfied with seeing his legs, she asked, "does he have SHOES?!" we all laughed and said that, no, he doesn't have shoes and that we'll have to get him some when he comes out. she wasn't worried about that at all, though...she said she has a jacket and some shoes at home that he can use.

such a nice girl. already taking care of her baby brother.

this is going to be fun. 

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