[skillz to pay the billz.]

I got so irritated as I was paying bills today... not that paying bills usually puts me in the best mood, but I got even more irritated than usual. Our Comcast bill continually goes up and our service has been the same for the last two years. We have a "bundle" that gets us phone, internet, and cable. When we first moved into this house, that bundle cost us about $150. That's a LOT of money to pay every month. At that point, though, we watched a lot of tv and needed the internet. The home phone was only $7 of the bundle so we kept it to keep the price as "low" as possible. Canceling the home phone would end up making everything more expensive.

Now, two years and many small increases in our bill later, I opened up the mail today to see my balance  due was $197!! WHAT.

I'm so irritated with the whole thing that I'm determined to cancel our cable tv. We have to keep the internet because most of the work Mike and I both do for our jobs is done online from home. So how do I cancel cable and still get the few tv shows that we still watch? And is there any other internet service that's as fast as Comcast that could save us money?

Help, internet. Comcast doesn't seem to mind jacking up their prices every month and I'm sick of giving them so much money for crappy service. 


Jen said...

I've had some success with just calling Comcast and telling them i don't have enough money for their services. Then they "magically" figure out a way to make my bill lower. I feel like their prices are so arbitrary it's ridiculous! In the past (like 7ish years ago) we had Dish Network which was cheaper and I really liked. If you're gonna ditch cable altogether, i've heard hulu plus, netflix, and amazon prime makes for a good mix (and still significantly cheaper). Good luck!

ohhellocupcake. said...

Great idea, Jen. Thank you!