[i'm a pepper.]

welp.. i guess this is growing up.

for (at least) the last ten years, the first thing i do in the morning is crack open a diet dr. pepper. i know they're bad for me, i know people say drinking diet soda makes you fat, i know all of the reasons why i shouldn't have been drinking them all these years, but those reasons never mattered to me. it was just my thing. even while i was pregnant i drank them. i never drank a whole one, of course. just a few sips to get me through the morning. don't judge me.

well, last week, i ran out of DP. i was bummed but decided to just make coffee instead. i'm a passive iced coffee drinker and usually have a cup in the early afternoon for that sailor-won't-take-a-nap-so-i-need-caffeine-please-help boost. making the switch wasn't a big deal...and it was kind of a big deal that it wasn't a big deal.

fast forward a few days to when i finally got around to going to the grocery store. i got to the coke aisle (it's all coke in texas.. old habits die hard) and lifted my big 24 pack of DP into the cart, but as i started to move onto the next thing on my grocery list i realized that the DP didn't even sound good anymore. i backward-rolled my way back to the DP section and put the pack back on the shelf.

i don't even know who i am anymore.

apparently a coffee drinker.

where do i get my bifocals.


Sara Louise said...

Oh my heavens! I can't believe you put it back!!!
(They have DP in the international section of my grocery story. It's €1.50 a can, that's almost $3! I treat myself to one a month and savor it like I'm a prisoner on death row)

ohhellocupcake. said...

I was JUST reading your blog while you were commenting on mine...Creeeeeeepy!!

Rich said...

Here's my iced coffee recipe:
Go buy the Walmart brand instant coffee.
Get a cup that holds about 20 ounces.
Get a nice big heaping spoonful of the instant coffee and throw it in the cup.
Add two similar spoonfuls of sugar.
Add your milk.
Stir like crazy.
You have to stir for awhile... To get all that coffee to dissolve.
When it's all a uniform coffee color throw your ice in and enjoy.

You might have to try a few different amounts of everything till you get the right taste for you... But I am serious about my coffee and I absolutely LOVE this stuff!
You HAVE to get Walmart brand... OK?
I tried the rest and this is the best.

Lemme know how you like it!!!!!!