every year, i plant a garden. not a huge one.. just a tiny two-person-family sized garden. and i usually just plant things that i know we'll eat. it's kind of been a type of therapy for me... just getting outside and putting my hands in the dirt (and hoping not to find any worms in there) always does something to lift my spirits if i'm in a funk.

this year, though, is the first year in a long time that i didn't have plans for my garden. sailor was brand new and i just didn't have the time or the energy to put into planting and weeding and watering and harvesting, so i had decided to skip a year and see how i felt next spring.

luckily, mike came to the rescue. he decided to take it upon himself to clear everything out and plant the garden himself this year... and he did such a great job! these are the fruits (and veggies) of his labor and they're so delicious.

we noticed there were some things ready to harvest yesterday so we took sailor down and showed her how to pick things from the garden, and we told her where food comes from. it was so fun, we sat down there and ate some plums and she was covered in plum juice from head to toe.

mike even planted a tiny pumpkin patch for sailor and there are already five or six good-sized pumpkins. can't wait to carve them with her at halloween!

this year's garden is such a success that i kind of hope mike takes over again next year. : )


Rich said...

Does that guy have to be amazing at EVERYTHING???????

Rich said...

Ugh. Does that guy have to be amazing at EVERYTHING???

Betty BookRock said...

Love that you do this. :) We do herbs and tomatoes-- hoping to do new stuff next year. It is crazy busy with the girls. We are members of a CSA though and I love taking them to the farm to get our weekly harvest!! They have tons of you-pick crops so they help snag the beans, cucumbers, berries, etc. I love that they don't think food magically grows at the grocery store! We are planning to get chickens in the spring!! That should be interesting! :) Also-- gardening really is therapeutic! After spending an hour or so at the farm every week I feel like a new person!