[lots o' luck.]

mike's leaving for south america this week, and with the recent run of bad luck around here i'm feeling a little nervous. we've had bad luck in the past (everyone has to go through it now and then, of course) but i'm having a hard time shaking the shit off lately.

mike's band, tumbledown, was robbed again last weekend. this time it happened in canada... CANADA of all places. those people are supposed to be peacemakers. just when you thought there was one country you could count on, they go and steal all your stuff.

at any rate, that's just one of a series of setbacks that have happened lately. i don't want to be a debbie downer and hash it all out here, but i thought i'd say i'm ready for the tides to change. i want this trip to south america to be a huge success with nothing but good luck raining down on mike and his guys the whole way. as a matter of fact, all that goodness could start right this minute and i'd be tickled pink.

let it rain.


Rich said...

Break a leg guys.

Rich said...

Break a leg guys!

Sara Louise said...

Sending lots of positive thoughts your way xo

KCart said...

ugh! I just hate robbers! We've had our fair share of that too....but it's normal in NY, I guess. Fingers crossed for good luck on his tour!!!!!!!!!!! Miss you!