[there goes the neighborhood.]

we've only lived in our new house for a month and already we've had the police come by twice. the first time, our house alarm was going off and we didn't know it because we were outside. innocent mistake. the second time, it was actually the fire department. we built a fire IN OUR PERFECTLY LEGAL FIRE PIT by the beach this afternoon because we had some wood scraps and cardboard we needed to burn. i guess what we didn't know is that you're only allowed to burn firewood in a perfectly legal fire pit... and i guess our neighbors didn't appreciate the smoke from the burning cardboard blowing in their windows. boo hoo. at the suggestion of a friend, i think i'll go buy a meat smoker and put it next to the firepit, smoke up a ton of meat, and see how they like them apples.

feels funny being the bad neighbors this time around.


Chris said...

Well let me guess was it Bob?
Were the Firemen at least cute?

ohhellocupcake. said...

Mike said it was probably Bob! And, yes, the firemen WERE super hunky and so nice. : )