[sweet home.]

[front view]

[fish pond]


[living room]

[dining room]

[dining room]



[bedroom and sitting room]

[sitting room]


[cabana and firepit]

[my fave place to sit & look out at the water]


[deck fireplace]

[deck fireplace]

you won't see any boxes in these pictures because i strategically didn't take photos of the rooms that haven't been unpacked. there's still a ton of unpacking and arranging to do... but here are a few more pictures of our new home.

(sweet home.)


Rich said...

Diet Dr. Pepper in the kitchen and Josie getting some sun in the sitting room.
Seriously amazing place!

Rich said...

Aw. Sorry. I forgot Hank out on the deck!
They must be LOVING it!

Rich said...

Ok. This is like where's Waldo. Now I see Allie on the steps hiding in the shade!

ohhellocupcake. said...

good eye, rich! : )

Erin Smith said...

Your new home is absolutely gorgeous (and I want to steal your stove.) Congratulations!

Rich said...

WTF is JOSIE doing outside!?!?!?!
She'll run away!

ohhellocupcake. said...

she's an outside cat now!! i know, i can't believe it either. she goes out for a couple of hours a day, then comes home and sleeps. she loves it!

Miss Rosi said...

Gorgeous! Love the view.

jelvistar said...

Beautiful home, I love all the reading spots you've set up and the view is killer!

tessa cruz said...

holls i love it is an understatement!! it's so perfect in so many ways, the brick, the water, the deck oh my.. take my breath away.

LD3 said...

You guys have done well. I always wondered what the Herrera household would look like :)