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a friend of mine, catherine abegg, wrote to me a few months ago asking mike and i to be part of an upcoming photo shoot that she was planning. catherine is a beautiful girl who really knows her way around a camera, and just has the sweetest air about her. at first i didn't understand exactly what the whole thing was about, but i really like catherine, and i love her photos, so i immediately agreed to whatever she was asking us to do.

shortly after i got back from my trip home to texas, mike and i took the ferry over to seattle armed with a couple of changes of clothes, ready for whatever catherine had in store for us. at the end of the day, we'd been part of something very cool, and met a ton of talented people.

FIND (film is not dead) is a workshop hosted by jonathan canlas, a really sweet guy and an amazing photographer... other photographers came from all over the world to spend a few days learning from jonathan and working with one another. he was so laid back, approachable, and genuinely interested in helping everyone. we talked with him, and many of the others who were shooting, each one laughing and joking with us like we were long-time friends. it was so great to have the opportunity to meet people who were all working to be better at their craft, and who couldn't have been more gracious. there was never a moment when i felt uncomfortable or awkward, just really thankful to be part of such a special experience.

i've only seen one photo from the day, but i thought i'd share it with you here. this one was taken by fer juaristi, who simply referred to me as "girl"... but in the most endearing way.


thanks to the FINDers for being so kind to us, and thanks to catherine for organizing the whole shindig. more pics to come... mostly for you, kcart!


more photos, these taken by the beautiful and talented catherine abegg. LOVE.

8/9/11 update: a few more beauties from John Fong Photography.

...and the next photos were taken by the fabulous Jennifer Tai!


Alicia said...

What a fun photo! I think I like FIND. A part of me has been mourning the loss of the art of film photography.

Kip Beelman said...

More images are coming. Using film requires a little patience!

So nice to re-connect with Mike some 12 or so years later. You two are lovely.

Kristin said...

Thanks again Holli!! you two are so awesome and gorgeous and patient! it was so great to have the chance to work with you and Mike!

ohhellocupcake. said...

thank YOU, kristin! we had so much fun!

ohhellocupcake. said...

kip- it was so great to meet you and hear a little "mike history"... sounds like you guys had some fun times! can't wait to see your photos. : )

KCart said...

Thank you!!! I love those pics...you two are presh!!! Sounds like a fun day..can't wait to see more. Also, that dress is amazing!!! Where did you get it??


Sara Louise said...

These are GOOOOOOOD! Truly fantastic photos!
And I'm loving on your dress and boots xo

Erika and Jon Huff said...

Super cute!!!

Anonymous said...

oh man! i can't even handle your cuteness! i was doing something for my blog the other day that involved making a playlist for a book-- anyway, brought back memories of the crush i had on your hubby way back when. anyway, it was right at the time he announced that your sweet little peanut was born-- so did what anyone would do and googled.... clicked an image and here i am. ;) you 2 are ridiculously adorable. the woman behind the man is always so much more interesting though. plus you read! well- congrats on that beautiful baby! i have 2 little girls (2 & 4) and it's AWESOME. you should check out healthy child healthy world by Christopher Gavigan. Enjoy her!