[coffee thief.]

i went to barnes and noble yesterday and, while i was paying for my items, i set my iced coffee on the counter so i could fish my wallet out of my purse. i paid, left, got into my car, and suddenly realized i'd forgotten to pick up my coffee before heading out of the store. mike was with me, and i told him what had happened. i was bummed because i'm a really slow drinker, and i knew my coffee was over half-full. after i told mike that part, he agreed i should go back and see if it was still there. i ran in, made it to the counter, and saw that it wasn't there. i looked at the person behind the register (not the person who rang me up) and asked if she'd by any chance seen my coffee and thrown it out.

a moment passed. she looked at me, and then picked my coffee up from behind the counter. i looked down in relief, but then realized it was only about a third full. i looked back up at her, and she was still looking me right in the eyes.

she drank my coffee!!! it was written all over her guilty face. she'd seen my coffee there, thanked the coffee gods for leaving her this gift, and sucked down my delicious skinny cinnamon dolce.

i reached out and took the coffee from her hands with what i'm sure was a confused look on my face. she drank my coffee... this person had picked up a stranger's coffee, not even knowing what the stranger looked like, and had needed coffee so badly that they went ahead and helped themselves. finders keepers, losers weepers.

i was blown away.

mike and i talked about it all the way home. then we talked about it some more today.

the worst part comes now: i needed coffee just as badly as my barnes and noble coffee thief, and i finished it off on the way home. same straw and everything. AND i'm so crazy that i'm contributing the sore throat i have today to the weirdo at barnes and noble. i have her germs.. and i took them knowing exactly what she'd done.

i don't even know myself anymore.


Sara Louise said...

At this point I'd probably sell my husband for a good iced chai latte. Thank heavens I'll be in TX next month and will get my fix.
And for the record, I think her stealing your coffee is way more weird... doesn't she work there?? Can't she get coffee goodness whenever she wants?? What a muppet.

ohhellocupcake. said...

thanks for saying she was more weird than me, sara. i thought so, too, but i just couldn't omit my part in the whole creepy situation.

p.s. just went to texas this month and got my fill of all my favorite foods. it won't last long, though.. i'll be craving good mexican food and bbq again any minute now.

like now, for instance.

Jen said...

i can not even believe she did that. it really creeps me out...i'm a total germophobe.

Sara said...

That is just so creepy. Who drinks a stranger's coffee???? I mean, where does she draw the line? Does she hang out in restaurants and wait until someone leaves and then sit down at their table and eat their leftovers?


I would have never drunk out of the straw after she had though. I couldn't bring myself. I would have had to have gotten a new straw.

KCart said...

So strange! Woof! I miss your blogs. Please go back to posting lots more and also lots more pictures. Also... I miss you! xoxo

ohhellocupcake. said...

i know, drinking from the same straw was a bad decision... but i was confused and desperate. don't judge me! ; )

kcart, i'll post more. things have been bonkers around here. same goes for you--more blogs and more photos, please! xoxo

Rich said...

Mmmm. Coffee.
I can't blame either of you.
She did the right thing. You shouldn't let a good coffee go to waste.

I dare you to do this.
Buy a little squeeze bottle of mustard. Take it home and dump half the mustard out. Replace with any/all of the hottest sauces you can find. Put it in your purse.
Go back to Barnes. Buy a coffee. Drink some of it. Pull the straw out, tip it upside down, put your finger over the top of the straw, insert the mustard tube into the bottom of the straw and fill it full of the hot mess. Replace the straw, pretend to forget your coffee and hide behind some bookshelves and wait.
That'll teach that bitch to mess with OPC (other peoples coffee).

ohhellocupcake. said...

i can totally picture you doing that, rich!!

Kris said...

I live in texas.....is our food really that good? And yes its gross u drank the coffe but at least you got the fix. Title of blog shoulda been "addict" :)

ohhellocupcake. said...

whether the food in texas is "really that good" is up for debate. i'll tell you, though, when you lived there your whole life and suddenly moved to a place where the food is extremely different, you come to appreciate where you came from.

Kris said...

My husband has lived in many different places......he came back home to Texas and he says the food here is like no other. I've never been outta Texas so I guess Im gonna have to take ur word on this one. I'm in San Antonio...just in case ur wondering. I'm amazed at how much u read. I read some of ur blogs yesterday and wow.....all about books! Makes me wanna start reading :) I think it'd be good for my soul! I'm pretty excited to see what ur next blog is gonna be about.

Erin Smith said...

What!?! Sometimes I read things that cause me to lose faith in humanity. What gets me is that this strange person who drank someone else's coffee works at a bookstore. I thought that they were some of the last safe havens left but I am apparently very wrong.