[safe and sound.]

mike and i just got home from a very relaxing week of vacation on the island of molokai in hawaii- it was almost like a deserted island... very few tourists, and some of the most beautiful beaches i'd ever seen. we had a big adventure while we were there when we went to the molokai mule ride. the mules took us down a cliff with over a thousand foot drop, and at the bottom of the cliff we visited an area that was a leper colony once upon a time... this was back in the day when there was no known cure for leprosy, or hansen's disease. the poor people who suffered from the disease were literally dropped from boats with no supplies, no families, no homes, and left to die. it was surreal, and sad, and really made me appreciate this crazy life.

we also visited a macadamia nut farm and learned everything there is to know about macadamia nuts. it wasn't all crazy field trips and destination tours... besides the leper colony and the nut farm, we did a LOT of lying on the beach, soaking up the sun, and generally living the good life. 

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Mike H. said...

I can attest to this harrowing account of cliffs, mules and soaking up the sun. I'm still peeling some of my burnt up skin off. Nice to be back in the shade of western Washington? kinda sorta, not really but yeah.