now that the weather around here is starting to warm up, (ok, 60 degrees isn't that warm. i know.) i'm getting suuuper excited about going on vacation with my guy next month. we're headed to hawaii this year, molokai specifically. i've heard so many great things about this place and am anxious to do some serious exploring and embark on some crazy adventures. mostly i'll be lying on the beach and reading, but there'll be serious exploring, TOO.

the picture above is of the famous 2.9 mile kalaupapa mule ride down some of the highest cliffs in the world. see what i mean? ADVENTURE. i booked this today. if anyone else has been to molokai and can recommend some other adventures, let's hear 'em...

nothing is out of the question.. except going under water.


Sara Louise said...

sounds heavenly :-)

Tiny Elvis said...

As a non-swimmer, I completely understand not wanting to go underwater.
And a Hawaii vacation does sound wonderful. :)