i don't usually use the same images twice, but this one is with a second post. the first time i used it, mike was leaving on tour for awhile, and i was sad. shortly after, he wrote a song about the post.. or the photo.. either way, it was a sweet love song that made my heart melt. he'd play it in the basement some days, practicing the mandolin while i was making dinner, and if he didn't play it, i'd ask him to. i have my favorites, and that song was definitely at the top of the list of them. unfortunately, he never got a chance to record it before the notebook he wrote it in was stolen from him in mexico on that fateful tumbledown tour a few months ago. he lost a lot of things when the van was broken into-- money, passports, gadgets, but one of the most devastating things lost was his song notebook. 

when he told me that the song i loved most was gone and that he wasn't sure he could remember all the words, i was so sad. i listened as he sat back down in the basement on the mandolin, trying to re-write it and remember all the verses. there were some parts that just wouldn't come back to either of us.

fast forward to yesterday. i was in the kitchen again, making dinner (call me betty crocker) and mike came in. he started fiddling with the stereo and said he wanted to dedicate a song to me... when it started playing, the sound of the mandolin almost broke my heart. he'd worked the song out and had the tumbledown guys record it live at practice tuesday night. my sweet song, all shiny and new. 

i've never gotten a better gift.


Erika & Jon Huff / Fairground Productions LLC said...

That is the sweetest thing!!!!!!!! When its out for the world, can you post it? I am dying to hear it!!!

wendy said...

Hooray for a happy ending! Melted my heart!

tessa said...

oh mikey your a doll. love you nuggets.