[white shed: easter edition.]

on my daily walk with the pups this afternoon, i decided to see if there was anything new to see at the kooky white shed down the road. for those of you who keep up with my blog, you know what i'm talking about... for those of you who are slackers, read here and here for the backstory.

i had my camera ready, but there was no one around... no hints as to who keeps this hot mess updated, buuuuuut i got to snap some close-ups of all the new crap. welcome to crazy!

 [frosty the snowman just in time for easter. oh, and anyone else have those little plastic guys with no arms when they were little? ...ah, memories.]

 [the rusty old typewriter is a nice touch.]

 [groucho glasses, vampire teeth, blocks, metal truck, barrel, and i think that's a tiny reindeer stuck in the glasses.]

[happy easter! faded old easter bunny woodcut.]


Josephine @ Everyday Juju said...

This is great! I love strange places like this ...and Maine is FULL of them. My favorite wacky-shack is here on my blog. This place just creeps me out...in a good way :)

ohhellocupcake. said...

i love it! thanks, josephine!

Josephine @ Everyday Juju said...

P.S....I have a blog-type project I'm working on and I was wondering if you'd like to participate? Send me a quick email (in my profile @ juju)and I'll fill you in!

o0hjeeez said...

I love reading your blog, it gets me through work. Just simple entertainment. Thank you.

P.S. I have no idea if you would like this band but they are local and I love them, just seems like you might enjoy it.


ohhellocupcake. said...

thank you- anything i can do to help you get through work makes me happy. : )

oh, and thanks for the music recommendation. i'll check them out!

Sara Sue said...

seriously... we do a driveby on that place whenever we're out and about in bremelo... love! ;)