[over the moon.]

last week, mom came from texas and my sister and her girls came from california. i love when my family comes to visit.. i love planning road trips and movie nights, crafts and cocktails (not all in that order), and i love having the house full of movement and laughter and warm bodies who love each other and tell each other so a LOT.

here's a glimpse into some of our fun times... moments and memories with my favorite people that i'll tuck into my closet and pull out again and again when i'm feeling lonesome and blue.

 [graci & granna crafting @ the studio.]

[graci, aka banksy.]

[me stenciling w/ graci.]

[alli taking a time out @ the studio.]

[me w/ sis & mom @ lake crescent.]


[w/ my sis in forks.]

[graci & cherith @ hoh rainforest.]

[graci on the ferry from port angeles, wa, to victoria, b.c.]

[graci & granna in victoria, b.c.]

[w/ graci in victoria.]

[granna & graci again in canada.]

[w/ the fam @ hi-lo's cafe, our fave.]

[my sis, the girls, & mike on the ferry to seattle.]

[rainy day in seattle.]

[key chain my sweet niece made for me.]

[my mom on the ferry- port angeles, wa, to victoria, b.c.]

we couldn't have crammed any more activities into the week... believe me, i tried. i'm pretty sure everyone left totally worn out, but i am so overwhelmingly thankful for our time together. i'm thankful that my sister and i can finish each other's sentences to the point where it seems like we're speaking our own weird language, thankful for my mom who loves us so much that it overflows out of her eyes and she hates it but it makes me love her even more, i'm thankful for those sweet girls who don't know how much they're miniature versions of us, and who won't truly appreciate that fact or what it means for another 20 or so years. 

can't wait until our next adventure.


Erika & Jon Huff / Fairground Productions LLC said...

That's a lot in one week! But it looks like you guys had a blast! So sweet! PS. My sister and I are the same way, I love it!!!

elle said...

thanks for all the amazing moments. it couldn't have come at a better time for me. i notice you didn't speak of our game of "she said that" during our hike in the Hoh Rainforest. that was awesome! i miss you more than words can express.

Sara Louise said...

Looks like such an amazing time! You must have been thrilled to have all your women with you :-)
Love the keychain!

Anonymous said...

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