[couple of crazy kids.]

mike left for an east coast mini-tour today. i took him to the airport at 4:30 this morning. FOUR THIRTY. i wasn't happy about the fact that he was leaving, and waking up so early to drive to the airport only made it worse. luckily, he'll only be gone a little over two weeks this time. no big deal.

after the airport run, i spent my day catching up on the things that get shelved when there's 7,530,045,020,475 things to do to help mike get ready to go out of town. i'm teaching a new class at the college starting TOMORROW so i had plenty of planning to do to prepare. it's an english class and i'm using a textbook that i've used in the past, so it should be a breeze. (in case you were worried sick about me getting such a late start on the planning... on second thought, i'm probably the only dummy who has panic attacks and a burning stomach ulcer over things like that.)

while mike was home for the past couple of weeks, we did a lot of fun things like picnics, dates, and bike rides. for your viewing pleasure, here's a little video he made for me of our last bike ride before he left.

(don't kill me, mike.)

[music by lucero. video by my boo.]


MH said...

I give it 2 thumbs up!

Sara Louise said...

ridiculously cute

Josephine @ Everyday Juju said...

...this reminds me of a scene from the film Henry and June when Henry, June, Anais, and Hugo race each other down French country roads...it's like a modern version of that scene :)

ohhellocupcake. said...

thanks, sara. i hope you're hanging in there, kid.

josephine, you're a wealth of knowledge- yet another thing for me to check out. keep it coming! : )

-KCart said...

omg you guys are the cutest ever

-KCart said...

omg! you guys are the cutest ever!