[the trench.]

i snapped this pic while i was at the studio today. after cleaning for two hours, there was still crap everywhere. we opened the recording studio a few years ago- mike had so many projects going all the time, he needed a place to record his music that was just his. sooooo, we bought an old house, knocked down some walls, and just like magic, monkey trench was born. now we have a beautiful place for mike to make music.. and for me to clean.

for more about mts and the spooky things that happen there, click here.


Josephine @ Everyday Juju said...

hey! i just found your blog and had to laugh when I saw the large head in your studio! My man friend brought his prize..head...to our place and I was dumbfounded at first but now I love him. I dress him in neckties and twinkle lights. AND I just have to say MY fav book of all time is also The Secret History by Donna Tartt. I read it every fall with a drink and a clove ciggie...no one else knows who the hell Im talking about! ugh! fools!

ohhellocupcake. said...

twinkle lights- great idea! belvedeer (that's his name) is a new addition to the studio. can't wait to dress him up! are you as heartbroken as i am that tartt's second book was a huge let down? i'd love to have a secret history part dos!

Josephine @ Everyday Juju said...

I was SO disappointed by Tartt's second book...I found it dull and/or creepy (but not creepy in a good, Henry Winter, sort of way).
I went to piano school in Vermont and the book's descriptions of the seasons there are so spot on I get sucked in every time. I heard for a while someone was going to make a film out of it, which could be amazing or a horrid sham, it could go either way...unless true die-hards like ourselves made it of course!
Yes, I def recommend twinkle lights!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the ghosts in the trench. I remember a night i was on a video chat with a few others for a tumbledown recording sesh and we kept hearing a banging. like walking upstairs and mike called for marshall thinking it was him and it wasnt he was outside with jack and then the sound stopped. then the door of the studio flew open by itself. it was totally creepy but awesome. so cool theres ghosts. I also remember the shadow walking across the room during another sesh. i was on that night. it was completely creepy. i hope you eventually can fully get the history of the house. :D when you do, keep us updated. im curious what you find out holli.