[someone knows my name.]

Someone Knows My NameSomeone Knows My Name by Lawrence Hill
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this is the story of aminata diallo, born in africa in 1745. at 11 years old, she is kidnapped from her village and sold into slavery. the book follows aminata from her village to enslavement in south carolina, escape in new york, relocation to nova scotia, and eventually back to africa. along the way she loses much more than her home and family but, by some miracle, survives it all and pursues her dream to return to her homeland. the story is heart-wrenching- you mourn with aminata as she dreams of everything she's lost; it is also unbelievably detailed- there are so many references to actual places and events that it's hard to believe this woman didn't actually exist.

(warning: this one isn't for the weak of heart. it's no light beach read, and it's definitely a far cry from the chelsea handler books i was laughing my head off at recently. read at your own risk... and with a full box of kleenex handy.)

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Z. S. Roe said...

I read this book two summers ago--it's an affecting novel, for sure. Its title is curious, though--"Someone Knows My Name" is the American title; Hill, however, is Canadian, and in Canada the novel's title is "The Book Of Negroes" (I know this only because I, too, am Canadian).

But, yes, as you said, this is well worth a read.

P.S. I've been a longtime reader of your blog and enjoy it considerably.

Andi said...

you should read "sarah's key". it's similar to this but the heroine survived the holocaust. way powerful and a beautiful story. i know you're a library lady but i got this one at target for 11 dollars! def worth it!

Andi said...

OH! and did i mention that a lot of the story takes place in france??????#winning

Anonymous said...

Yes, probably so it is