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The Paris WifeThe Paris Wife by Paula McLain
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i looooove historical fiction.. have i mentioned that?! this book is based on the real ernest hemingway and his real first wife, hadley. most of the facts of the story are true, i would imagine, but the author used her imagination to fill in the blanks. the first 20% or so (i read it on my kindle) was a bit slow.. but when the story picked up, i couldn't put it down. i always knew hemingway was an interesting character, but reading about his struggles to become a respected author from hadley's perspective felt like i was getting a glimpse behind the private curtain of their lives.

i felt the author did an amazing job of capturing the energy of the time and place, paris in the 1920's, at some moments even creating beautiful and memorable visuals. obviously, we all know how the story ends but it didn't make the reading of it any easier. i had to finish the bulk of it in one last sitting because it was making my heart burst.

poor hadley. poor bumby. and poor, poor hemingway.

[hadley & ernest, 1921]

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Sara said...

This has been on my Amazon wishlist for a while.

Did McClain cover the whole incident where Hadley lost his manuscripts on the train?

Sara Louise said...

Heading over to Amazon and throwing this one in my basket right now. You know I love me some historical fiction!
(Have you read The Bronze Horseman? Started it last week. Russia during WWII, it romantic, weepy stuff)

ohhellocupcake. said...

sara: yes, the train incident was in there and i'm so glad, i'd never heard that part of the story before!

sara louise: thanks for the book recommendation- sounds like we have yet another thing in common! i'm a sucker for historical fiction, especially on these rainy washington days. i'm on my way to amazon now, too!