[cake balls.]

what could be better than going to your favorite bakery and picking up a box of your very favorite dessert? opening your door and finding the box waiting for you on your doorstep, that's what!

as soon as i saw the little white box from houston cake ball company, i couldn't wait to get my hands on those balls. there, i said it. i love cake balls! but, like many of the other things in our house, i import my cake balls directly from texas. houston cake ball company doesn't mess around.. none of those tiny little cake balls you see at starbucks with cheap frosting and covered with so much crap you can't even taste the cake. hcb has honed the art of cake ball-ery (i just made that up) and perfected the delicate balance of this sweet treat.

samantha and justin, creators of houston cake ball company, sent me the red velvet variety because they know i heart red velvet. (thanks, guys!) i've had cheap red velvet and i've had decadent, delicious red velvet... samantha took red velvet to a new level of greatness with these little babies. each little ball is about three bites-worth of dense and so-moist-you-don't-even-need-a-glass-of-milk cake. they're covered with an icing that'd i'd describe as a creamy fondant. i'm such a huge fan of icing, i usually wish that every slice of cake or cupcake i've eaten had twice as much. i found myself nibbling the edge of my cake ball at one point so i could have a taste of the icing on its own... and as amazing as it is, the cake-to-icing ratio on the balls these is perfection.

i decided it was only right to share with mike (since he was home, otherwise they would have been all miiiine), and at first he didn't understand the concept. 

him: "it doesn't taste like a donut."
me: "that's because it's cake."
him: "oh, then i love it!"

men. he did love it, and when i asked him for one word to describe the miracle of the cake ball, he chose YUMMM. 

agreed. but i choose HEAVEN. i can't speak for other cake balls, but the houston cake ball company produces a cake ball that is a miraculous little nugget, a perfect cross between cake, donut hole, cupcake, and bon bon. therefore, i am coining it a cake-hole-cup-bon so i can stop saying "balls."

to order yours, go to houston cake ball company and tell them holli sent you! you can also check them out on facebook here


Anonymous said...

Good Grief..did you see the Banana pudding? My sister lives in Houston and thats where im from..soooo im ordering a TON of these RIGHT NOW!

Anonymous said...

I think you'll want to place a twitter icon to your site. Just marked down this blog, although I had to complete this by hand. Simply my $.02 :)

Josephine @ Everyday Juju said...

Cake Balls you say? Sign me up!
I'm a Cocount Cluster snob myself, and only want them from Ben and Bill's in Bar Harbor, Maine. I drive there multiple times in the summer and buy pounds...my favorite "highland lass" works there as well. An Irish accent AND coconut clusters?! That's my kind of place...

Anonymous said...

...ok ok you sold me holli. i cant resist ordering them now. after reading your description of them, im now craving one. :D im excited to try it.

Erika & Jon Huff / Fairground Productions LLC said...

"i couldn't wait to get my hands on those balls." Hahaha! That's what she said. ;) LOL. That made me laugh!

Andi said...

can't get enough of this post. thanks so much for your post :) PLEASE don't forget hcc when yours and miguel's bday rolls around :)