[post script.]

first referenced here, i told you about a house down the street with a white shed. the white shed faces the street i walk down with the dogs and in front of it, you can find a bunch of weirdo stuff lined up as sort of a display or vignette. the items are pretty creepy.. last time there was even a jar of liquid and something fermenting. at any rate, here's an update. these guys are still there:

...and here are a couple of new additions:

the last one looks like a couple of headless lego guys and a construction worker taking a nose dive into the cement. i'm not sure if it's a child that does this or some warped adult but i'm obsessed with it and want to find out. if only i could catch them at it sometime. if i do, you can bet your ass i'll have my camera ready.

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Sara Louise said...

Bizarre and intriguing. And you better have your camera ready!!