[hope floats.]

i haven't been posting much lately because it's been busy, busy, busy around here. mike came home for a whirlwind week after his mexico tour. during that too-short time together, we both came down with a miserable stomach flu (not the most romantic thing ever) and when we were both finally feeling well enough to actually spend some quality time together, company arrived. i love that my house was full and alive with people i care so much about for a few days. unfortch, they all left on the same day and i've been fending off the lonesome blues ever since. 

besides the missing my guy part, what adds a little extra mope to my step these days is that i didn't get assigned any classes at the college this quarter. you see, i'm at the very bottom of the priority list when it comes to class assignments because i'm a newbie. if all of the senior faculty scoop up the available classes, i'm out of luck... and out of luck i am indeed. my only choice is to wait until the next opportunity arises (next quarter) or try to find another part-time job elsewhere. of course, jobs aren't abundant these days so waiting seems like the only choice. mike's so supportive and really likes it better when i'm not working because there's always so much that he needs help with in his business to keep the traveling/touring/writing music/recording/band merch wheels spinning. so, until i get my fabulous teaching job back at the college, you'll find me here, holding down the fort, mailing out packages, and being your average gal friday. 

oh, and reading loads of books (duh).


Mike herrera said...

I've been reading a lot too. Makes me feel closer to you!

Anonymous said...

:( Aw I was hoping for the best and keeping my fingers crossed for you after we talked at the Manette after the TD show about it. Sorry it didn't work out holli. Something good will come soon for ya. :) still thinkin positive with my fingers crossed for you. :D.