Chelsea Chelsea Bang BangChelsea Chelsea Bang Bang by Chelsea Handler

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before i read these books, i thought that chelsea handler was a funny gal who has a show on cable where she sits around on a panel with a bunch of other people i don't know and talks about current events. basically, i imagined it being a funnier, less politically correct version of the view.

first, i read are you there, vodka? it's me, chelsea and realized handler is way funnier than i had imagined, and not only is she funnier, she can even string together a sentence in a compelling way. by the time i read , i had fallen in love with chelsea. she's a hoot. she can tell a story, and she tells it in a way that makes you think you could probably sit around and eat cheetos with her and she could be your very best friend. i don't remember the last time i found myself reading a book and laughing out loud. it's seriously funny.

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Sara Louise said...

Adding this one to the ever growing Amazon basket. Love me some Chelsea