[take me with you.]

my last few posts have been a little gloom n' doom (doom n' gloom?) and i promise after this post i will make a solid effort to even out the positive and negative. an equal measure of both should be possible, right? regardless, i'm through with only bad things.

there aren't enough hours in the day to put up with the sky falling.

a couple of nights ago, mike and his band were playing a show in mexico and their van was broken into. the good news is, the guys had already loaded all of their musical equipment into the venue. the bad news is, the window was busted out of the van and personal things were stolen, passports, money... some things that can be replaced and a few that can't. they've spent the last two days trying to get temporary passports, missing shows because they can't travel without them.

i know it could have been SO much worse, and i'm overwhelmed with gratitude that no one was hurt and that the loss wasn't devastating. scary, yes. will life go on? indeed.

that's the scoop.. complete with silver lining and a glass half-full.

let the good times roll.


Anonymous said...

So happy that they are OK I have been praying all weekend that things would work out. Gods hand has been on them....

Sara Louise said...

CRAP!!! But yeah, when crappy crap stuff like this happens, focusing on the positive things like, no one getting hurt, and it could have been so much worse, is the only way to go.
It still sucks though!