[...and speaking of crazy.]

it's ironic that my last post was about crazy people and being afraid to leave my house for fear i might run into one as they're in the process of losing their marbles.

on monday, i picked mike and jack up from the airport.. they'd been in japan for a couple of shows. we dropped jack off, then came home and had a lazy morning. mike was napping on and off as jet-lag settled in and i decided to take the dogs on a walk while he rested. i left the house like i do just about every day, with my headphones in, listening to a podcast. i started off down the street, letting the dogs choose the route they wanted to take. it's usually a variation of a few blocks in one of two directions; we never veer much off of our beaten path. this particular day, though, alli had big plans to set off in a different direction. we made a turn we don't normally make and, after 20 minutes or so, ended up in a rough neighborhood. i'd been that way once or twice, but never alone, and i started to get a little nervous when an ugly purple car passed me, slowed down almost to a full stop, then rolled a little further and eventually went on their way. the windows were tinted so dark that i couldn't see inside at all. i hadn't noted the license plate but i got a good look at the make and model... and besides, you can't really forget a purple car.

i tried to shake it off and ventured on with the pups. ahead, i turned left toward home but still had quite a few blocks to go. when i rounded that next corner, i looked down the road and the purple car was back. they'd obviously looped around and headed back my direction, again slowing down to a near stop just as they passed me. by this time, my armpits started sweating and i got nervous, not only because the car was obviously trying to get my attention, but also because i couldn't see who was inside looking out at me. my face got hot, and as they finally crept past me i pulled out my phone and called mike. i explained as quickly as i could to him what was happening, where i was, what the car looked like, and that i was getting worried. i pulled the dogs in closer to me and sped up.

a couple of weeks ago, mike and i were watching the news when we heard the story of a woman who'd been taking a walk down her street.. she was talking on her cell phone as she walked, probably like she did every day, and out of nowhere she was plucked from the street. her phone was thrown out as the person on the other end heard a struggle and then.. nothing. last i heard, the woman still hadn't been found.

that story flashed through my mind as i tried to tell mike everything about the car i could remember. i looked over my shoulder to see which direction they were going and saw that they had pulled through the intersection i'd turned down and stopped in the middle of the street. my heart pounded through my chest and up into my throat.. i turned off of the street i was on and down another that i hoped they couldn't see from where they were, trying to get back home as fast as i could. i tried to get off the phone with mike because i was having a hard time juggling two leashes and the phone, but he insisted i stay on the line with him. i looked back again and again, walking as fast as i could, and getting closer and closer toward home. finally, i could see the end of the street that intersected mine; i knew i'd be ok in just a few hundred feet.

just as my heart rate had slowed down, i turned back one more time because i heard an engine. it was the purple car. this time it was headed straight toward me. my head swam as i started yelling into the phone. i screamed for mike to please come get me. my hands were shaking as i pulled hank and alli off the road and told mike the car was coming back again. in the back of my mind, in some quiet and insane place, i was just thinking that i hoped mike would get there in time to save the dogs. i didn't think the people in that car would want the dogs, they'd probably just leave them there, and i hoped that mike would get there fast enough that they wouldn't be scared.

this time, as the car rolled by, the driver's window was down. i just stood there, not moving. he looked at me and it felt like slow motion.. he turned the corner diagonal from me and pulled into the parking lot to my right. my brain clicked once or twice, enough for me to think to move my feet and i started running toward the intersection. i looked to the right and a man was getting out of the passenger side of the car and when i looked forward again, there was mike, running toward me. he reached out and took the dogs from me. he'd seen the car and they'd obviously seen him. when i looked back, the man had gotten back into the car and they were leaving the parking lot.

in my heart i know they were coming for me. what they would have done if mike hadn't been home, i have no idea.

i've walked in my neighborhood for going on ten years now and nothing like that has ever happened. i guess those are pretty good odds, but i'm starting to wonder if it's time to invest in a... i don't know... taser? stun gun? bull horn? fish gaff? maybe just some pepper spray? chances are, nothing like that will never happen again.

...but, then again, what if it does?


Jen said...

i am SO glad you are alright and that mike was there for you. did you call the police? that is so so scary :(

a few years ago i was driving suuuper late at night, stopped at a red light and a man tried to get in my car. thank God i was faster than him, slammed the automatic locks and drove off.

this world is a scary place.

Jan said...

OMG! I dont usually comment but i read your blog all the time ...Did you call the police? that story was terrifying..

Sara Louise said...

Holy sh*t Holli! This is scary! I am so very happy that I am reading this blog post (not that this happened to you, but that you are hear to blog about it). I guess we should take this as a lesson to be completely vigilant about our surroundings at all time.
Don't let the dogs choose the walking route anymore.