i started off 2011 with a new iphone app. if you're not an iphone user, apps are applications you download on your iphone. they range anywhere from personal calculators, to camera filters, to tax preparation help, to period trackers. yes, your iphone can even keep track of your period for you... what did we do before iphones?!

anyway, i kicked off the new year with an application called "project 365." it's an app that you use in conjunction with the camera on your phone, and the idea is to take a photo every day of the year and upload it to each day on your "project 365" calendar. i thought it sounded great, not only for keeping track of time and memories, but also for crafts. i mean, what better way to preserve a moment than to take a photo and be able to look back and remember exactly where you were and what you were doing? ... and as far as the crafting goes, at the end of the year i can upload each calendar page to my computer, have them printed, and use them for wrapping paper, gift tags, etc... voila!

at first i wasn't sure how long i could hang in there, but it's been over three weeks and i'm still snapping pics and importing them to my calendar. check with me in september and i'll let you know how it's going.

to get started on your own "project 365," go here.

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