i'm thankful for my amazing family, my husband, and our sweet little home. i'm thankful i have dogs who love me unconditionally and a little cat with a big attitude problem to keep me company when i'm alone. i'm thankful that i had the opportunity accept a job that i love this year, and that now i know exactly what i want to be when i grow up. i'm thankful that my family is healthy and that we have the benefit of health insurance when so many others who deserve it, don't. i'm thankful for second chances and for the hope of days that lie ahead. and i'm thankful to have people that love me, even when i'm unlovable.

(oh, and i'm thankful for electricity and that i don't have to live like a pioneer. after losing electricity this week during snowmageddon, i realized that reality tv and the internet have become more important to me than i'd like to admit. as much as i love little house on the prairie, i'm very thankful i'm not half-pint.)


Alicia said...

:o) Love the part about Josie. Haha! Happy Thanksgiving! Love you, friend!

Anonymous said...

I'm grateful to have the privilege of calling you my dear friend! You are loved and appreciated!

Sara Louise said...

I spy with my little eye... JIFFY!
Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving :-)