OxygenOxygen by Carol Cassella
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

If there were half stars, I'd give this 3.5. I did like it but I didn't LOVE it. Written by a local author (Bainbridge Island), there were many local landmarks sprinkled throughout and even some shout-outs to Texas, where the main character was originally from. I felt like there were way too many lulls in this otherwise interesting story. For the intense drama that was happening in this woman's life, it should have been more "edge-of-your-seat." Instead, I found myself skimming entire sections of boring detail. The good parts were great, the slow parts were booooooring.

I hear the author's working on her next novel and I'm looking forward to reading it. Let's hope the editor does more weeding out of the fluff next time around.

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