i love october.  knowing halloween is just around the corner makes it so fun to curl up on the couch with mike and the pups and watch scary movies. it's not only scary movies that i love, though.. i love scary books, too.  

i took a class called "the romantic era" while i was working on my BA. it was probably my all-time favorite college course. we studied william wordsworth, lord byron, john keats, william blake, percy shelley, and percy's wife, mary shelley. mary shelley wrote the original frankenstein. if you haven't read it, you should. it's nothing like the movies about frankenstein... not really. it's about a sad and lonely soul who is destined to roam the earth, alone and misunderstood. the story is dark and eerie, and it's what made me love thrillers. of course, no matter how many adaptations have been made of that particular story, mary shelley's frankenstein is truly unique and original. 

that being said, rob zombie's halloween II wasn't half-bad either. ; )


update:  top six favorite horror movies, in no particular order...

"cat's eye" came out in 1985 and starred a very young drew barrymore... honestly, i don't remember a whole lot about this movie but there's one particular scene that i'll never forget. drew barrymore is lying in bed sleeping and there's a creepy demon thing sitting on her chest, sucking the air out of her each time she breathes out. i think of this scene every single time my cat tries to sleep on my chest. ohhh, hell no, i know she'll just try to suffocate me while i sleep like that weird little demon did to drew barrymore. 

growing up, my mom wouldn't even let me watch movies that were rated PG-13, much less horror movies, so i'm not sure how in the world i saw this at a movie theater... maybe my dad took me and my mom didn't know about it. at any rate, this is another one that left quite an impression on me. i remember wrapping my arms around my knees, not letting my feet anywhere near the ground because i was sure one of those freaky kids was going to reach up, grab my ankles, and drag me into their hell corn.

this has to be one of the best horror movies ever made. i've watched it a hundred times and it still freaks me out. the blood rushing out of the elevator and down the hallway? the creepy twins? the old naked lady in the bathtub? redrum?! best line by jack nicholson: "darling, light of my life. i'm not going hurt ya. you didn't let me finish... i said i'm not going to hurt ya, I'm just gonna bash your brains in. i'm gonna bash em' right the f*@& in."

stephen king is a creep. this made-for-tv movie is about a demonic creature who dresses in a clown suit and terrorizes kids. i mean, really, what's scarier than a clown?!  most memorable scene: pennywise (the demon clown) is lurking around in the town's sewer, trying to lure little kids down there with balloons so he can murder them. agh!

there are several versions of this movie- my favorite is the 2003 version, starring jessica biel. it's a different spin on the original but the effects were so good and it scared the pee out of me.

this one got super lame around half-way through, but the first half was scary enough to get it on the list. it's supposed to be a true story, with real footage scattered throughout the film to prove its validity. true or not, the first hour made me want to sleep with the lights on for a week. it's not easy to scare me, and this one definitely did the trick.

when it comes to scary movies, i'm very particular (although it may not seem that way from my list of faves.) first, it must be scary and scary doesn't necessarily mean bloody. to me, a psychological thriller is just as scary as a slasher film, sometimes more so. 

also, i don't like alien movies. i know i'm contradicting myself here because "the fourth kind" made my list. the fact is, i didn't know "the fourth kind" was about aliens until half-way through, and like i said before, it got really lame at that point. 

next, i'm not a fan of vampires and werewolves but ghosts and demons are great. i mean.. when it comes to movies. there has to be a possibility of the movie actually happening in real life to make it believable and i just don't think i'm going to get bitten by a vampire or attacked by a werewolf, or see either happen to anyone else. ghost and demons? i believe in both and they scare the holy hell out of me.

if anyone has suggestions, write me, i want to hear them. it's scary movie season and i'm ready for a marathon.


Colleen said...

The ring was actually really good. It was scary too. :) not the caliber that IT was, but it still is creepy. :) I haven't seen the ring 2...but I did hear its even creepier than the 1st.

Then There's another one I don't remember the name, but its by Quinton Territino...I think its "hostel". I heard that was good and creepy too..I believe its supposed to be based on real life.

That's about all the info I have...im not a huge horror film kind of girl.

Hope it helped. :)

Alicia said...

Oh scary movies... I haven't watched one since you introduced me to "The Shining." I don't know how you do it!

Erin Smith said...

I think the scariest "movie" I've ever seen is called "A Haunting in Connecticut" but it was actually a documentary on the Discovery Channel in 2002. They made a real movie of it last year.

My mom and I watched it during our move to WA state. My dad was setting up our new rental house on Mercer Island (which had a basement exactly like the one in the docu.) and we were alone in our old empty house in Oregon for a week. I'm pretty sure we slept huddled together on the same air mattress after that.