[the big one.]

as happy as i am with my lot in life right now.. and i am, happy as a clam, in fact. it doesn't change the fact that i'm beat. i never considered how much work my new job would be. it's work that i love, but it's work nonetheless. i don't have as much time on my hands for the other things i love like reading millions of books and watching terrible (awesome) reality tv shows. mike's also suffering because my job is making his job harder now that i'm not as available for his 58759852039423 random requests as i was a few months ago. it's a small (big) adjustment but we're making it.

just like that, it's already over halfway through the quarter. i've managed to keep all my classes on schedule according to plan, the students do what i tell them to do, and they even ask me (a LOT) what their grades are, how they can do better (whoa), and if they can get extra credit assignments (no).

before i know it, the quarter will be over.

i'll make it through.. and when i do, i'll take a long, long nap.

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SJ said...

Be encouraged it will get easier once you get through the adjustment time period. At least you love what you do so the adjustment will go that much better.