[the time of my life.]

i love my new job. 


now that i'm settled in, it seems like i should have been teaching at the college all along, but i'm so thankful for my teaching experience at the high school. there's no way i would be able to stand up in front of these college students every day without having been trained by ninth graders. and believe me when i say they trained me. there's no tougher audience than teenagers. i'll argue to the death on that one.

the college suits me. i love the people. i love my classes. i love that i can stand in front of the students and have something to share, something to teach them that they value. they ask questions and they take my answers and turn them into something tangible, something they can use to improve the way they write and speak. 

today in class, i sang. if you know me, you know i DO NOT sing. mike's the only person who gets to hear me sing and, even then, it's usually by accident. to support a point i was trying to make, i sang "the preposition song" that i learned in fifth grade to them. my point being, the lessons we learn when we're young lay the foundation for what we learn though our whole lives. my fifth grade teacher taught us to sing the list of prepositions to the tune of "pop goes the weasel" and to this day i can sing "the preposition song" till the cows come home. same goes for the list of presidents, although on that one i lose track around mckinley...

at any rate, i said all that to say i went into this thinking i'd be totally out of my element and, as it turns out, i'm exactly where i'm supposed to be. 

ask me again at the end of the quarter but, right now, i'm having the time of my life.


Rich said...

Awesome! So happy for you!

Sara Louise said...

Super duper happy post! Nice

Alicia said...

How fun and exciting! I'm so glad it's going well for you! My goal is to catch you on your way out of class someday, or during a break. Maybe tomorrow. :o)