[let it happen.]

like i said in my last post, mike's in south america doing a solo tour.  he's been gone for years and years (only a couple of weeks) and he's had a great time so far. with the help of skype and ichat, i've gotten to stay connected with him and hear all about the amazing places he's seeing.  as a matter of fact, i was on skype with him today - i working on a syllabus out on the deck and he was working on some emails in his hotel.  we weren't talking about anything in particular, each of us just doing our own thing... but it was nice just having him there inside my computer, in case i thought of anything i needed to say.

(it's the saddest when he signs off and everything feels a little less great just knowing he isn't there anymore.)

at any rate, here's a video of mike being stopped on the street in costa rica and doing a little impromptu performance.  i love how all the people are singing along.  it's my favorite.

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Kristen said...

That video is great.

Lou and I don't video chat much these days, but I've been lucky enough to visit him a few times this tour. It is sad getting back to real life, although knowing its only a few more weeks definitely gets me by!! It's for sure the simple parts of the day when I miss him the most.

I feel ya girl!! :)

We need to have our own trip if they end up going out together later this year.