a lot has happened over the last few weeks... so let's get to it.  first, my bff kellie, had a baby.  the cutest baby that's ever been born. ever.  so that's big news.

[told you she was cute.]

next, i had a birthday.  it was great and i made a big, big wish.

[big dessert. big wish.]

after the birthday, we went immediately to the store and bought bi-focals.  mike looks sexy in his.

[hey there, good lookin'.]

most recently, the nieces came to visit me from california.  it was so much fun and we crammed many activities into a short period of time, just like always.  since my youngest niece was just finishing up Breaking Dawn for the second time, my bff cally and i took the girls to forks, wa, where the Twilight books/films are set.  we stopped for burgers on the way.

[cally & i weren't super hungry so we shared one.]

[team edward.]

[team jacob.]

[entering la push.]

[jacob's beach.]

we had a blast on our road trip and i can't wait till the next time the girls come to visit.

now that all the fun is over and mike's on tour in south america, i finally have time to sit on the couch and watch trashy reality tv and read for hours and hours on end.  it doesn't hold a candle to all the memories i've made in the last few weeks but the moments of silence around here are few and far between so i think i'll just settle in and be thankful for the reprieve.  

it won't be long until i'm back in work mode- there's loads to do in the coming weeks.  i have to finish the syllabi and schedules for the courses i'll be teaching at olympic college this fall.  and i'm really looking forward to getting started... right after real housewives is over.


Rich said...

They're all grown up!
Seriously? Team Jocob? You're nuts!

Ives said...

this post just got me all choked up and teary eyed and i don't even know y'all... and team jacob?? .. i knew i liked you for a reason. best of luck on the new job venture!

Sara Louise said...

Happy happy {belated} birthday! Hope all your birthday wishes come true!