mike and i just spent a week in mexico.  it was so relaxing... nothing to do, no emails to reply to, no phone calls to answer, just sunshine, sandy beaches, and margaritas.  it was heaven.  we spent most days sitting on the beach, reading.  some afternoons we'd play bar bingo at the swim-up bar and one day we even took a mexican cooking class... mmmm, guacamole.

[our resort]

every year we rent a car and drive through the desert to a little town called todo santos.  todo santos is the home of hotel california.. as in the hotel california, the ones the eagles sang about. it's a town full of little dirt-floored markets to shop in and there's a great restaurant behind the hotel where we always go to eat.  it's a bit of a drive but well worth it.  

here are a few pics of the courtyard and restaurant at hotel california.


driving through the desert you see a lot of these...

...and a lot of altars to various saints scattered here and there.

throughout the week, we took a lot of walks on the beach... i just can't get enough of staring out at the water, watching the waves roll in.  there's something about it that melts my brain.

the sad part about us going to mexico every year is that neither of us speaks spanish.  alas, we've decided to remedy the problem with rosetta stone.  i'm not sure if we'll be successful speakers of the spanish language this time next year when we hop on the big plane down to cabo but we'll at least know one or two more words when we go to our favorite taco cart to order el pastor.  mmmmmm.

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Sara Louise said...

One week in Mexico... margaritas, guacamole, love... recipe for heaven!!