[lone star state of mind.]

i just got back from a trip to visit my family in texas.  it was my first time back since grandmama passed away and being there made me miss her so much more.  when i wasn't thinking of anything in particular, my mind would trick me into thinking we should head over to her house for a visit.  more than once, i had to remind myself she and grandpa wouldn't be there.

my mom planned a sleepover for my nieces and i with her and my aunts to watch old home movies and look at all of grandmama's old photo albums.  it was so much fun to be there with those women, all of us products of the same person, and all of us celebrating her life.

(the brisket and peach cobbler my mom and aunts cooked for the sleepover was pretty amazing, too.)

while we were there, we went roller skating and to the rodeo, sat out in the yard around the campfire and listened to the locusts in the trees, ate snow cones, and almost got killed (it didn't even get close to me but we were in the same room) by a huge (tiny) scorpion.

every time i go back, i'm reminded why i love texas so much, why it will always be deep in my heart.. and why, no matter how far away i go, it will always be my home.


mikeh said...

yes. i love it-m

Emily said...


Sara Louise said...

This post made that little hole in my stomach feel much bigger. I miss Texas. I want to go home (at least for a holiday)