i'm not engaged.  i'm an old married gal... celebrating nine years this september.  for the back story on our very late engagement photo shoot, read this.  

it took me forever to sort through the pics.  i don't even know how many there were but considering the photographer (photo credit: visualize photography=amazing. can't say enough good things about them!) narrowed her favorites down to FIFTY, i'd have to say there were a LOT.  while perusing the ones she chose, i noticed our faves were quite different.  the ones she chose were beautiful, no doubt, but she chose ones where the composition was lovely, the background perfectly framed, etc.  on the other hand, mike liked the ones where his hair wasn't weird and i liked the ones where my arms didn't look fat.

also, i noticed the ones of us with more serious looks on our faces quickly dropped to the bottom of the list.  the ones that looked more candid, smiling and laughing, were definitely ranked higher.  seeing my guy smile.. i don't know, it still gives me butterflies.

after much scrutiny and critique, here are my top ten... in no particular order.  

"i'd walk a million miles for one of your smiles."

(again, thanks to jo and andy (visualize photography) for taking the time to make my dream of having engagement photos come true.  they're so talented and patient and kind and i couldn't have chosen a better team to work with.)


Tiffany said...

Wow! They are so beautiful! I'm sure they are well worth waiting 9 years for. I think you have inspired me to something similar since my husband and I never had engagement photos either. What better reason to have your hair all pretty and your makeup done, wear pretty clothes and take pictures?

Sara Louise said...

HOT! Amazing, and beautiful! I love the first one because the dogs are kissing too, but the second is my favorite even with the serious faces. Great shoes btw!

Rich said...

I like the second one!
They look great... Brings back great memories of what seems like a lifetime ago!

Seth Alan Roberts said...

i love you guys!