[all grown up.]

when i was working on my undergrad degree, i thought i'd be an actress.  i was young and confident and had wild, wild dreams.  i thought i could be a stage actor, make it big and be a star without ever having to leave texas.  after a couple of semesters, i realized theater was a lot of work... and most of it i didn't enjoy at all.

i moved onto broadcast journalism and even got braces when my professor told me my overbite would keep me from getting jobs as a newscaster or weather girl.  my overbite improved a lot faster than my career goals lasted and from there i moved on to literature.

finally, i'd found something that lit a fire inside me.

this week, i was offered a job teaching two english courses in the fall at olympic college.  i've always hoped to teach college english and when i knew i wouldn't be going back to the high school, i sort of stumbled into an interview with the dean.  i went thinking i was half crazy since i don't have any college teaching experience but i decided it was worth a shot.  i was more nervous than i've been in years.  as i walked up the wide staircase toward the dean's office, i wasn't sure if i would pass out or throw up but i was certain i wanted to run away.

i didn't run.  i sat with my back straight and my hands folded in my lap, clenching my fingers together so tight that they were actually sore when it was all said and done.  i answered the questions as best i could, with thoughtful confidence, and tried hard not to say anything stupid.  i stopped myself a few times trying too hard and instead just gave them my best self.  it's not much but it's all i've got.

and it worked.

they liked me. 


Alicia said...

YAY!! I'm so happy for you, Professor!

Sara Louise said...

Of course they liked you!! Big FAT Congratulations!

Sara said...

As someone who hopes to teach English at community college, I say, "Congratulations!"

Michele said...

Of course they liked you! What's not to like?

We are very proud of you!

Carman Miranda said...

I have always known that you could do anything you set your mind to do! I love you and I am so proud of you!