[sneak peek.]

we had the sweetest photo shoot.  i'm going to wait until i have all the pics in my hot little hands before i share the name of our photographer because i'm afraid someone will get to see them before i do but, basically, she (and her wonderful husband) were the best EVER and i want them to take pictures of every memorable occasion that happens in my life from here on out.

if that isn't a rave review, i don't know what is.

here's a little sneak peek.  first off, i'm alone in this photo because mike's taking the pic with his phone.  it was so romantic and such a creative set-up.  our genius photog found a gorgeous old chandelier (notice it hanging in the tree over my head) and used her ninja abilities to hang it from a tree and wire power to it from her car. they also brought in a lovely gold bench (the one i'm perched on) and balanced it on stones in the water... even the rain cooperated and gave everything a glowy, sort of dream-like effect.

it was a day to remember.. and i always will.  can't wait to see the finished product.


fojoy said...

Looks great - can't wait to see the finished product!

Sara Louise said...

Thanks for the peek!

Alicia said...