when i was little, weekends meant going to see grandmama and grandpa. they lived almost an hour away so to my little kid self, it seemed like an eternity. i remember we'd eat bologna sandwiches with miracle whip and she always had corn flakes. grandmama's house also meant going out in the garden with her and picking vegetables then sitting on the back porch and snapping beans.  i'd sit with the big bowl on my lap and do what momma, grandmama, and my aunts did and listen to them talk about grown up stuff, like soap operas and uncle roger.

grandmama was the backbone of our giant family. she had eight children who all grew up and had children of their own. i turned up in that crop and thought that grandmama hung the moon. holidays were huge family gatherings because grandmama wanted all her kids around her. we'd gather together and eat more food than you can imagine, tables spread with hams, turkeys, and buttermilk pies.

buttermilk pie was the thing i looked most forward to. i'd ask grandmama as soon as we'd arrive if she'd made a buttermilk pie and she'd laugh and say "yes, hon" (pronouncing it like the word "on" with an h thrown on the front). she'd take my hand and steer me to the pie table where i ate that whole pie in my mind.

i make the pies now. they're a big hit and i think of grandmama each and every time i mix up the ingredients, hoping i can get it just right. hoping it'll taste like christmas at grandmama's house.

there won't be anymore christmases at grandmama's.. no more thanksgivings or easters... because grandmama went to be with grandpa today. he just left us a little over six months ago and i guess that was just long enough for grandmama. she probably figured someone needed to go tell him what to do with himself.

thank you, grandmama, for the family you gave me. for teaching me to be strong and resilient. for loving each of us with your whole heart and never letting any one of us feel unloved. rest in peace now... and give grandpa a big peench for me.

your baby girl in the red hat


Sara said...

*Sniff* That just made me misty for my Grandma and Grandpa. Grandma exited earth in 1987, and Grandpa joined her in 2002.

Alicia said...

So sorry for your loss, Holli. :o( You have such wonderful memories you can cherish forever. And there's always the buttermilk pies... We love you!

Laura said...

Holli, I'm so sorry! Your memories are so beautiful that I know you'll hold them in your heart forever.

Tiffany said...

That was absolutely beautiful and heartfelt. It made my heart sad for you and reminded me of how much I miss my grandma. Thank you so much for spurring such beautiful emotions in me.

Sara Louise said...

Sorry for the loss of your Grandmama Holly.
This post was a lovely tribute.

And I love that photo... your Grandmama and Grandpa just look like Texas!