[words with friends.]

i haven't been writing much lately and that's because i've been on my new iphone.  constantly.  i'm not exaggerating.  i have to charge the thing twice a day because i use it so much.  there's a big world out there and it's all right at my fingertips... on my iphone.

i'm facebooking, tweeting, playing words with friends, googling, looking at recipes, movies, books, calorie counting, taking kick ass pictures with all kinds of crazy film, lenses, and filters, all with one touch of a button.  my kindle is on my iphone.  my ipod is on my iphone.  all of my gadgets are now on this one little hybrid.  my whole world has gotten exponentially smaller, and bigger, all at once.

mike and i don't even have to have date night, or even talk in real life, anymore.  we can just sit next to each other on the couch and play scrabble... on our iphones.

gotta go, it's my turn.  


Jen said...

i'm glad to know that we are not the only couple who does this. we lay in bed on our iphones giggling and playing games :)

Sara Louise said...

I'm getting one next week... can't wait to Skype on it! And the GPS.. and Yelp... and of course Scrabble!

ohhellocupcake said...

aw thats so funny tim (my boyfriend) and i play scrabble together on our iphones ALL THE TIME! :)