a few months ago, i wrote THIS blog... and now it's time for an update.

to refresh your memory, i'm a bad driver.  i drive too fast, too close to other cars, park in places i shouldn't, and run through toll booths without paying the toll.  blah, blah, blah... it's not that i do any of it on purpose.  it just happens.

the rule of the three has been hanging over my head for all this time.  i knew i couldn't escape it- things like tickets always happen to me in threes.  ALWAYS.  i was pulled over a couple of times after ticket number two (number two in this series, not ever) but no matter what, i just couldn't get that third.  they kept letting me off with a warning.  honestly, i'd started to wonder about that rule.  did i break the curse?  is the three over for me?

then.  the three got me.

heading to the airport on thursday night, minding my own business, i was yapping away at about 73 miles per hour... and i yapped my way right into a speed trap.  for those of you who may not have as much experience with getting tickets as i have, you may not have ever been pulled over by a cop ON FOOT.  yep, he was standing next to his car, walked right out onto the highway and motioned for me to pull over.  it's happened to me before.  (sidenote:  cally, who was my co-pilot on this adventure, suggested i should have just averted my eyes and pretended not to see him.  i'm sure that would've ended well.  thanks, cal.)

aaaanyway, the rest of the ticket wasn't eventful, just your standard "slow down or it's really going to ruin your driving record..." speech.  too late for that, officer.

as we pulled back onto the highway, cally made me call mike right away to tell him the news.  that's right, she thought it would be a good idea for me to make a phone call right after i got a ticket.  she was just excited to hear his reaction... see, she was there the night i breezed right through the toll booth and got to see the look on his face when he realized what had happened.

mike's first question when he heard the sound of my voice was, "are you in jail?!"  obviously, he's just waiting for that phone call on a daily basis.  when i told him that no, i'd just gotten my 'three', he knew exactly what i was talking about and said, "well good, you can reset back to one now.  you've got a little time."

awww, what a nice husband.


Sara Louise said...

Awhile back in Texas, I got two tickets on the same day, about two hours apart. That was a very special day for me.

Rosi said...

I've actually gotten two tickets in one week, but never got my third... It's been almost enough time for the two to drop off my record.
I wonder if that equals an automatic reset... Hehe.

ohhellocupcake said...

hahaha! great post!