[nyc: day three.]

happy birthday, sweet 16!  my sister cooked up the best surprise for cherith's birthday breakfast.  at the very top of a beautiful hotel is a restaurant that overlooks all of times square and that's where we kicked off the big birthday extravaganza.

after a delicious breakfast, losing my phone, knocking over a table in the middle of the hotel waiting area, realizing it wasn't my day, and then embracing what a total wreck i am, we struck out on the rest of our birthday adventure.

the american museum of natural history is where the movie night at the museum was filmed.  it was magnificent and huge and the dinosaur exhibit gave me the heebie-jeebies.

after all the walking around at the museum, we picked up some street food at one of the thousands of vendors around the city and found our way to serendipity 3 for dessert.  ohmygawwwdddd.  seriously, it was the best thing i'd ever eaten.  ever.  feast your eyes on the heavenly frozen hot chocolate they're famous for...

since we'd only taken a sunset carriage ride around central park, we wanted to go back and make sure we got the whole central park experience.  granted, the whole park is over 800 acres so it was impossible to really get the whole experience but we did what we could.  (we needed to cover at least half of that to burn off our serendipity calories.)

[shakespeare at c.p.]

then, as if we hadn't had enough sugar, it was time to pick up the birthday cake from magnolia bakery.

we just couldn't bring ourselves to eat it so soon after serendipity but there was singing and candles and the eating came later.  we had to get back to our room to get ready for the show!  

wicked was amazing.  the girls loved it, my sister loved it, i loved it (and the ozmopolitans).  it was fantastic.  we all dressed up and went to the broadway show in style (well, in a taxi anyway) and it did not disappoint.  i usually can't stand musicals but being there and experiencing it all first hand was something special.  i didn't even mind the sing-talking.  

hours later, we were finally hungry again after the show.  we got lucky and picked ellen's stardust diner because it was on the way back to the hotel.  it was around 10pm and the place was packed.  the fun thing about the stardust diner is that the waiters and waitresses are all starving artists/actors/musicians and they all perform on the tables.  they were hilarious and so talented and it was just the perfect finale to our big day.  

[the blurry figure on the left is a singing waitress]

next up, our last day in nyc...

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Sara Louise said...

That birthday cake is awesome, love the dots!