[nyc: day one.]

our flights to ny arrived within 20 minutes of each other- my sister and nieces flew in from san francisco and i flew in from seattle, all of us arriving in new york city sunday evening.  i made my way to the baggage claim on my own to meet the girls and rode right past bill goldberg on the escalator.  if you're not a wrestling fan, you might know him from celebrity apprentice.  if you don't watch that either, then just never mind.  at any rate, i was super excited.  i looooove goldberg.

i met the girls.  we squealed a lot then we jumped in a car, headed to the hotel, and onto sarabeth's in central park for dinner.  it was perfect, and so was the carriage ride we took through central park afterward.  

our hotel, the time, is right in the middle of times square so before settling in for the night we walked around the square and took in some of the sights.  the lights are overwhelming- it's never night, always shining bright in the city.  we visited the giant hershey's and m&m's stores, sat and people-watched for awhile, then split a piece of new york cheesecake from the roxy deli to celebrate our first night in nyc.  

it was late by the time we got back to the hotel.  we all went to bed looking forward to the next day like it was christmas morning.  we had big plans... big, big plans.  

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Sara Louise said...

Sounds like so much fun so far. I'd love a girl trip to NYC. Need one!