[nyc: day four, the finale.]

our final day, we were all so tired we actually slept in until 9am.  shame!  after getting it together and stopping for a new york bagel, we jumped on the subway.  our plan for the morning was to see the statue of liberty.  my sister, being the most amazing planner in the world, figured out a way around paying a million dollars for the statue of liberty tour.. and it ended up being way more fun, too.

the subway took us all the way down to the staten island ferry terminal.

[my nieces in front of the s.i. ferry terminal]

the staten island ferry takes you right by lady liberty and it's totally free.  the ride was beautiful, we couldn't have planned a more lovely day for it.  

[my sis & graci w/ lady liberty in the distance]

the round trip ferry took a good bit of our morning but we still squeezed a lot into our last day.  after lunch (pizza joint, didn't compare to lombardi's) we walked and walked and walked some more and ended up at the new york city public library.  omg.  i know i'm a total nerd but, come on, it was beautiful.  for any of you who watch sex & the city, this library was the one carrie was going to marry big in.  well, we all know how that turned out.  at any rate, it was magnificent... all marble and vaulted ceilings.  i wanted to live there.  forever and ever.  amazing.  unfortch, i didn't get any pics because they weren't allowed.  

when my sister and the girls finally tore me away from the library, we walked outside and had another celebrity(ies) sighting.  a bunch of NY giants and MN vikings, specifically adrian peterson, were shopping at a sean john store across the street from the library.  thank gawd for my nieces or i wouldn't have had any idea who they were. i thought the four rolls royce cars parked in front of the store were a little much.  who needs that many??

[exhibits a & b]

at this point, we may have had a cocktail and a cupcake in bryant park.  no pics but, believe me, both were delightful.  our last stop on our walking tour this final day was the st. patrick's cathedral.  it was simply breathtaking.  

[st. patrick's, completed in 1858]

the altar of the church was designed by tiffany & co and eight deceased archbishops of new york are actually entombed in a crypt beneath the altar.  totally creepy.  

by the time we left the cathedral, it was getting late.  we had a long haul back to the hotel and we were dog tired from four days of walking and walking and walking.  as we walked outside, a few raindrops started to fall so we cabbed it back to the hotel to get ready for our last dinner in ny.  

luckily the hotel let us borrow umbrellas as we headed out to have dinner and say goodbye to the city.  

[sweet 16]

it was an amazing trip, one that i hope my nieces will remember forever and ever.  it was so special for me to be able to experience new york again with them and my sweet sister.  

thanks for the memories.


Sara Louise said...

Such a great trip, thanks for letting us take it with you (I know that sounded incredibly cheesy but I miss NYC and girlfriends!)

ohhellocupcake said...

Not cheesy at all! I can't imagine having to miss New York AND Texas. You poor thing!

BTW, since I've gotten home I've been watching Sex & the City re-runs and screaming out "I was JUUUUSSSTT THEERRRREEE" everytime I see something familiar. I'm sure Mike's really loving it. ; )