[tour widow.]

wow, it's been a long time since i referred to myself as a tour widow, a nice long time.  he'll be gone for about a month and half altogether this go-round, not bad considering some of the tours of christmas past.

i've been out of pocket the last few days, mostly due to all the last minute prep that goes into getting the band out the door and on the road.  prep that includes but is not limited to building merch displays, taking inventory, buying trailers, and general chaos.  it's always a relief the first day or two after they're gone, silence settles through the house and i can stretch out and not think about t-shirts, or guitars, or any other band things.  that's what i've done since friday... sort of.

aside from all of that, i thought i'd give everyone an update on my terrible, horrible, worst observation ever.  the one where the assistant principal watched me fail miserably in every possible way.  okay, that's a little dramatic but it's certainly the way it felt at the time.  

i met with him this afternoon and he didn't have even one negative thing to say about my performance.  not even one!  nothing!  he encouraged me and praised my teaching techniques and i thanked him and scooted out the door before he could remember the kid i lost or how i misspelled the word "learn" on the overhead projector.  oh gawd.  i don't want to think about it anymore. 

at any rate, the horrible things that happened weren't so horrible or at least didn't reflect poorly on my teaching ability.  hallelujah, hail mary, and amen.

i'll leave you with this one last thing, just because it does my heart good.  i simply love everything about it.

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Richard said...

Funny how you (meaning all of us) worry about this and that and then it turns out to be nothing.
I kind of see it day after day. I worry about doing this right or that wrong and in the end, no one says anything about it either way. Good or bad.
It's crazy...
Anyways, I'm glad Mike is back out on the road. I'm excited for the 24th...
But I wish it was like the old days where I could show up in some random town and be pleasantly surprised that you were sitting on the bus reading a magazine.

ohhellocupcake said...

awww, rich.. that comment made me weepy.