[sweet 16.]

my little niece is turning 16 in just a few weeks and my sister and i are taking her and her sister to new york city to celebrate.  i'm the only one of the group who's been to new york and i'm so excited to experience it all over again with them.  we have big plans... a broadway show, the empire state building, statue of liberty, central park, and we've planned a couple of adventures i won't mention in case she reads this.  (we have to keep some things a secret!)  

if any of you have recommendations for places or activities, restaurants, anything we just shouldn't miss while we're there, i hope you'll share.  it's going to be amazing no matter what, but i want to make it as special and memorable as possible for my sweet little 16.  


Sara Louise said...

Shopping at Century 21 (bargains galore!) and you are never too old for FAO Schwarz.
And just a thought... if she's 16 she probably loves Gossip Girl, I'm pretty sure there's a tour.
I spent my Sweet 16 in NYC Too! But that was a million years ago...

ohhellocupcake said...

Hi! I've lived in New Jersey my whole life and been to NYC a million and one times. One thing I really suggest is taking the Circle Line Tour. It's a 3 hour Sightseeing Cruise that takes you around the entire island of Manhattan. It's an awsome way to get to know NYC. My finace is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and when he moved up here 6 years ago my family and I took him on it. Since then we've taken the tour at least 5 times, Everytime his family and friends come to visit!!


check out that website for details and pricing. Check with the hotel your staying in and ask for coupons, they'll probably have some. But regardless, its well worth the money.

Definetly stop by the Hershey's Store, FAO Shawarz, Toys R Us (yea yea I know but its a pretty awsome Toy's R Us. If you stop there check out the bathroom in the infant department you'll see why when you get there :) ), Rockefeller Center....

Anyway, There are so many fun things to do in NYC, you'll have fun no matter what but again I really do suggest the 3 Hour Circle Line Sightseeing Cruise.

Have fun!!!