[a reliable wife.]

A Reliable Wife A Reliable Wife by Robert Goolrick
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This book was so intense I finished it as fast as I could just to find out what was going to happen. At first I wasn't sure what to think... the descriptions of sex, sexual thoughts, fantasies, and compulsions were around every corner, the foundation of the story, and it was almost too much. But now I see it was necessary, necessary for us to know who the characters really were, how desperate they were. It was heartbreaking and mysterious and crude and beautiful all at once. I found the author's crafting of the text poetic and spellbinding... even the most graphic scenes were lovely.

"When they woke, they would not remember the dreams, but as they stood, day after day... their hearts would ache for something they could not name."

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Jen said...

i finished this yesterday. it was my vacation book. LOOOOOOVED it.