[coma girl.]

It's been a long couple of weeks and I don't have a whole lot to show for it.  Mike's about half way through his tour and everything is A-OK.  No crazy band meltdowns, no arrests at the Texas border, no van breakdowns, no one has lost any limbs or fallen off anything tall.  Things are looking good.  If we're lucky, we can expect another two weeks of blue skies and smooth sailing... all the way back to WA. 

In other news, something really weird happened at work today... and after the weird thing happened I came home and took the pups for a walk to clear my head.  As I walked along, minding my own business, I happened upon a dead cat with its guts hanging out.  Sorry for saying that... but that's what I saw.  I looked away then looked back then looked away again and then back.  It was awful... and fascinating. The word "entrails" kept rattling around in my head.  I felt really gross and weird and haven't been able to shake it since.  

I'm not normally one to believe in omens but it's been a really weird afternoon.  I think it's time for happy hour.  


Lori said...

What's the name of your fellow's band? Is he doing the annual Seattle to Austin tour? If so, I might have bumped into him...

Sara Louise said...

I would have taken it as an omen too. Once, I walked out of my favorite restaurant and their was a dead headless bird at my feet. It was definitely an omen for something that happened a couple days later.
I didn't say that to freak you out, it was probably just a dead cat.
Hope you had a great happy hour :-)