[if you don't have anything nice to say...]

i've hit a rough patch this week.  i mean, honestly, it's been a good week.  granted, it's only wednesday so i'm jumping the gun a little here but i've been waiting for things to happen.. and things are happening.  the fact that i'm a creature of habit and i fear change makes the "things happening" part a little scary for me, though.

long story short, i'll be looking for a new job next year.  it's official.  i'm not going back to the high school in the capacity that i've been working for the past two years.  it's great and i'm ready and all of that but i fear the unknown... you know?

so if you have a job for me, let's hear it.

in other news.. just because i have a fancy-pants degree doesn't mean i'm smart.  mike edits most of my posts for me, looking for grammatical errors or misspelled words so i don't look like a moron but sometimes even he'll miss something.  (did i just misspell the word "misspell"?  now i'm obsessing...)

at any rate, if i make a mistake and you have something to say about it, put it in the suggestion box.  oh wait...


Traderabe said...

What did you get your degree in?

ohhellocupcake said...

I have a B.A. in English Literature and a M.S. in Education.