the holidays are over.  the new year feels solid beneath my feet... and now i can feel it in my bones.

spring is coming.

a little while ago, i was getting my things ready for work tomorrow. i hate waking up early so i always put my clothes out the night before, make my lunch, even make sure my keys are on the counter so i don't have to waste time digging through my bag for them.  all of this so that i can sleep until the last. possible. minute.  i feel like setting my clock for 6:00 rather than 5:45 makes a hell of a lot of difference in my mood for the day.  anything in the 5:00 hour is just too early... i mean, come on, i'm not a farmer.

anyway, when i was picking out my clothes for tomorrow i opted for flats rather than boots.  other people look to the groundhog... i look to my shoes to tell me if we'll be having 6 more weeks of winter or if the flowers will be budding soon instead.

i'm not delusional, i know i live in the pacific northwest and that it's going to be raining and dreary more days than not for awhile but...

(look out, spring is in the air.)


Sara Louise said...

I felt the same thing yesterday, that spring is slowly creeping in. And I'm ready for it! My flip flops have been making eyes at me (not really, that would be crazy, but you know what I mean)

Tiny Elvis said...

Here, February is our absolute worst month. We basically bundle up and soldier through it for the March payoff, which isn't much warmer but it ain't in the -20's either. I pretty much wear my coat until school's out in june.

Sara Louise said...

Hello Cupcake, you've won an award. Come on by my blog and pick it up =)