[eating the dinosaur.]

Eating the Dinosaur Eating the Dinosaur by Chuck Klosterman
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Chuck Klosterman can take things that are seemingly unrelated and weave them together so tightly you wonder why you never put it all together on your own. Eating the Dinosaur follows in the same vein as Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs and Fargo Rock City, IV, and Killing Yourself to Live, all of which I loved. He's funny, he writes about things I'm interested in, and even though he's talking about things that may seem trivial like reality tv and pop icons, he really knows how to make you think.
In Eating the Dinosaur, Klosterman covers Garth Brooks, David Koresh, ABBA, Lost, Mad Men, time travel, Ted Kaczynski, and even kept me interested when he went off on football and basketball tangents. (Well, almost interested...)
A couple of my favorite passages:
"I don't like having the social limitations of tact imposed on my day-to-day interactions and I don't enjoy talking to most people more than once or twice in my lifetime."
"Sometimes writing is difficult. Sometimes writing is like pounding a brick wall with a ball-peen hammer in the hope that the barricade will evolve into a revolving door. Sometimes writing is like talking to a stranger who's exactly like yourself in every possible way, only to realize that this stranger is boring as shit."
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